Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank You Abby

Abby is the wonderful young lady that I wish to give props to, because without her invaluable help this blog would not exist. So a million thanks Abby! Words are not truly enough to express my gratitude!

As for the rest of you who are visiting for the first time, please remember to bookmark us if you like what you see. The site is geared toward the music loving internet aficionado. Some Jazz... some Pop...some R&B... and most definitely some Latino Grooves. Be sure to check out my videos, which this month centers around the seasonal sounds of Christmas.

In the upper right hand corner - Abby has created a slideshow that features pics of family, and dear friends from both the Twitter and Facebook World. Throughout the blog - you will also find links to various radio, and TV stations from around NY, NJ, and the world. Be sure to also check out some of my Tweets (Twittering in real time in the box to the right)

At this point, I would like to wish you all a Blessed Holiday Season, and thank you much for paying us a visit -


Carlos De Jesus


Norbela said...


It was to say the least, very generous of you to allow the birth of this site. I hope to be able to continue to collaborate with you on All Things Music and on any blog venture.

It is great to be able to locate all your amazing feeds on one site, sort of like hanging out at Carlos Lounge, taking in the pictures and of course the great selection of music.

My congratulations to you on this new launch. May you enjoy it for all times.///