Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Cocktail of the Week: Coquito

by Stephanie Nolasco

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Ever since we had the Flor de Coco last week over at Los Angeles’ Samba, we couldn’t stop going loco for coco. With the festivities approaching, there’s no better time to enjoy a coconut milk-based cocktail than with Puerto Rico’s more delicious variation of eggnog. Usually served on Christmas Eve, Coquito or “little coconut” is a favorite among holiday parties, lasting all the way through Three Kings Day on January 6th-that’s if you haven’t gulped it all up by then! Plus, a bottle of homemade Coquito makes a welcoming gift for the family or your bar hopping buddies. Over hundreds of Coquito recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, so no two goblets are ever alike. Nevertheless, all Coquitos require creamy coconut milk, as well as rum for a sneaky kick. This mouthwatering liquid dessert is a surefire way to transform a wallflower into a social butterfly. Just ask your crazy tio!
For this week, we wanted to get a head start on the holidays with a Coquito, but it would have taken more than twelve days of Christmas to pick out all of our favorite recipes. We did select one by well renowned mixologist Junior Merino who initially helped us with our honey drinks. Whether you prefer your Coquitos with thick coconut milk or plenty of spirit, here’s one tempting tropical cocktail for your noche buena.
Junior Merino’s Coquito Recipe
1 ½ oz. Rum (We used Chairman's Reserve Rum)
1 ½ oz. Castries Peanut Crème Liqueur
1 oz. Coconut milk
½ oz. Pineapple juice
½ oz. Maple syrup
1 Egg yolk
Dehydrated coconut flakes
Cinnamon powder