Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Brother The Businessman

"How To Get Promoted"  -
by Miguel de Jesus

My work with employees throughout the years has been exceptionally rewarding to me for one primary reason. It has allowed me to participate in a small but measured way, to guide people to higher levels of personal growth and satisfaction, while helping them to discover and reconnect with their natural skills, talents, interests and abilities.
I am usually involved in helping them with their thinking, to improve clarity, while giving them guidance on how to move along and progress in their chosen fields with specific goals and objectives.
What I have found over time, is that most people do not progress or move along on their objectives for two basic reasons:

1. Lack of a strategy or plan.

2. Lack of specific skills

To the extent that I can provide this universe of people a process, either through career coaching or business mentorship, to begin to get unstuck and unglued from their previous experiences, then we begin down the road to progress. Witnessing people move forward then that allows me, through regular feedback sessions, to “check in” with them, and to be of on-going service and benefit to them.